Body Constitution Diagnosis

4. Body Constitution Diagnosis

A foundational part of Chinese medicine revolves around identifying a patient’s body constitution type based on both genetic internal factors and external factors. The correlating body type indicates the patent’s structural, psychological, and physiological status, informing the practitioner’s next steps for treatment, medical advice, disease prevention, and health promotion.

The Nine TCM Body Constitution Diagnosis Types: 

  1.  Neutral
  2.  Qi deficient
  3.  Yang deficient
  4.  Yin deficient
  5.  Phlegm (dampness)
  6.  Dampness (heat)
  7.  Blood stasis
  8.  Qi stagnation
  9.  Special type

During a consultation, Dr. Zhang will use this TCM knowledge in her diagnostics to determine an individualized health plan to meet your needs, informed by your body constitution type.

Body Constitution consultation (45 minutes):  $150 (one time)

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Debit Card, Check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

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